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Shraddham Services

Shraddham Services


Shraddham Services

Shraddham is a ritual that helps you gain ancestral blessings for life’s prosperity. Through proper shraddham serviceswe help you get ancestral blessings and progress in life.

Significance of Shraddham

Shraddham is a kind of remembrance of one’s ancestors and is a token of one’s respect for the departed souls in his family. When a person does rites that are prescribed for him by way of shraddham in Hinduism, he helps his ancestors pass the ancestral worlds which are their present abode and move on to the heavenly world which is the place of supreme bliss.

By conducting shraddha through our shraddha services with utmost sanctity and care, a person satisfies the unfulfilled wishes of the ancestors and pleases them with food in the form of pindam and water offered by him through shraddham. The pleased ancestors bestow all good things on the Karta including longevity, progeny, happiness, prosperity and wealth. The person also feels happy that he fulfills the duties he owes to his ancestors and thereby finds the obligations in his life completed.

Why Should every son perform shraddham?

Our Ancestors’ soul becomes satisfied only after receiving pinda and water from their son.

As per our scriptures, when one dies, the soul is carried to Yamaloka by Yamadutas. The soul spends time in hell or heaven depends on accumulation of paap and punya in his life. The departed soul after exhaustion of its accumulated paap/punya, enters Pitru Loka, a realm between heaven and earth. Our ancestors reside at Pitru Loka and wait for the perfect time to take birth again. It is said that three of our previous generations reside in Pitru loka waiting to be be born again.

When our ancestors reach Pitru Loka, they reside in the form of Sukshma-Deha. They are extremely oppressed by hunger and thirst. The performance of Shraaddha and offerings of Rice and oblations to them, relieve their sufferings. Hence, the performance of Shraaddha is indispensable.

The performance of Shraaddha and Tarpana relieves the hunger and thirst of the departed soul during its journey to the Pitru Loka. When not performed pitru Karyam properly, one is subjected to "Pitru Shappam".

By performing shraddham, one prays his pitru's transcend to bhramma lokam by uttering the phrase "Bhramma Loke Sukha Nivasam Praptirastu" towards the end of the ritual.

It is believed that when our ancestors reach the Pitru Loka , our one year is one day for them. This is the reason we have to perform Shraddham once in a year. We are only attempting to offer food and water to them every day.

Who can perform Shraddham?

As per the scriptures, the son should perform shraddham. A son liberates the father from the hell named Put and hence he is called Putra.

In relation to this, following is a verse in the holy text Mahabharat that describes ‘who qualifies to be called as son’ :

पुन्नाम्नो नरकाद्यस्मात्पितरं त्रायते सुत: ।

तस्मात्पुत्र इति प्रोक्त: स्वयमेव स्वयंभुवा ।। – Mahabharat 1.74.39

Meaning : The son protects his ancestors’ souls from the Hell named ‘Puta’. Therefore Lord Brahma himself has named him as ‘Putra’. Doing shraddham is the duty of every son and there are rules to be followed in case there is no son or no issue.

Performing shraddha with good shraddha services

Shraddham should be performed in a detailed manner on the thithi and the month when the death of the ancestor occurred. It is a ceremony at length and the Karta fasts till the completion of shraddham on the day. By personifying the Brahmans as the departed souls, one pays homage to the departed souls in his ancestry and offers food to them. The satisfied Brahmans render ashirwadams that are reflections of the blessings of one’s ancestors. Food and dakhshina to Brahmans along with the recital of shraddha mantras in proper procedure are the necessary ones for shraddha.

AMA shraddham services

AMA offers purohit services for conducting shraddham, hiranya shraddham and tila homam.Those who are not able to conduct shraddham in parvana style (at full length) can opt for hiranya shraddham* which is the shortened form of shraddham. We also offer tila homam services that can be had at your residence or in Rameshawaram. Shraddham can be conducted at your home or in our center as per your requirements.

AMA services are at your doorstep for shraddham or hiranya shraddham as per the procedure for conducting the ritual and we provide the necessary facility including the purohits as per your demands. Contact Us. 

Seek the blessings of your ancestors through conducting shraddham. 

  • Hiranya Shraddham is not an alternative to Parvana Shraddham. AMA supports only aged people or people with any physical / mental disability in performing Hiranya Shraddham. As a policy, we recommend our clients to perform Parvana shraddham to ensure their Pirtus receive what they should & derive the actual benefits from the ritual

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