Mrutyunjaya Homam - "BYOP" Plan | Ama Vedic Services

Mrutyunjaya Homam - "BYOP" Plan

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15,000.00 INR

Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam helps you fight out the fear of death

Maha Mrutyunjaya homam is conducted to eliminate the fear of death from one’s mind and fight out long term ailments and their negative effects through seeking the benedictions of Lord Shiva. We, at AMA, conduct Mrutyunjaya homam under two plans


Categories: Mrityunjaya


Aavartis: 108 Times

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In BYOP (Bring-Your-Own-Purohit) Plan homam will be performed at our Ritual Centre with your Purohits.




1) Venue Rentals and Maintenance


2) Pooja Samagiri, All Vessels


3) Includes Neivedyam and Prasadam for 108 Aavarthis


4) 2 Kumbams, Garland and Flowers for God.




1)Purohits and helping hands .


Maha Mrutyunjaya homam saves you from the fear of death and untimely accidents in life.

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      Shri B.Kumarasamy
      Anna Nagar , Chennai
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      Chitlapakkam , Chennai
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      K K Nagar , Chennai
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      Virugambakkam, Chennai