Satyanarayana Pooja

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Satyanarayana, the epitome of truth bestows realization of goals on earth. Homam services Chennai helps one fulfill his wishes through proper performance of Satyanarayana pooja.


 Satya means truth and Narayana is Vishnu who is the Supreme Being and thus Satyanarayana is Lord Vishnu, the epitome of truth. Those who wish to pursue the path of truth perform this puja at home and also those who want to attain their specific goals in life. Satyanarayana pooja brings harmony, wealth, prosperity and health to the person who performs the pooja.

When to perform Sathyanarayana Pooja?

Satyanarayana pooja is conducted on any auspicious day especially on full moon days, Ekadashi, Sankranti and days when the solar eclipse occurs. The months of Visaka and Kartika are most appropriate for conducting this puja in home.

How to perform Sathyanarayana Pooja?

Satyanarayana is invoked in a kalasa filled with water and decorated by banana leaves. The kalasa is kept on a table and people who perform the pooja sit against it facing east. There is a swastik drawn on the kalasa with red kumkum. Arthi is prepared with a small ghee lamp in the midst of arthy water. There are also flower petals, grains of rice, camphor and incense sticks as ingredients for the pooja.

Halwa made of sooji is the prasada offered to Satyanarayana along with fruits and a liquid made of milk, curd, ghee, tulsi leaves and honey. Satyanarayana Katha is recited by the pandit after invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesh and after the Katha, people sing in praise of the God and distribute prasada.

Satyanarayana Katha is an integral part of the procedure of conducting this pooja. It is believed that Lord Naradha on seeing the hardships experienced by human beings on his visit to earth approached Lord Vishnu for a remedy.  Vishnu told him how to conduct Satyanarayana pooja in the home and the good effects it bestows upon the performer.

Satyanarayana Pooja services offered by AMA

We offer pandits who recite Satyanarayana Katha for the benefit of the performers, making them realize the value of the pooja and the sanctity of observing vratha and taking prasada for obtaining maximum benefits for their prayers. Our arrangements are in tune with the sanctity of the pooja that the performer will reap the best of effects for his prayers.

our  SATYANARAYANA POOJA - @ CUSTOMER VENUE plan leads to success in life through attainment of specific of specific goals. For Satyanarayana Pooja cost, and other details click here.

Do Satyanarayana pooja for accomplishing what you wish on earth. For Satyanarayana pooja services in Chennai address, phone number, Click Here.



Those who want to achieve something in particular in life, perform Satyanarayana pooja and once they achieve it, they conduct the pooja again. Normally when people involve in new business ventures, buy cars or other kinds of automobiles, engage in educational attainments, buy houses or undergo medical treatments go in for this pooja. Many people do it for the sake of getting prosperity and wellness in life and salvation after life. It also drives away evil effects of our bad karma.


. So, doing Satyanarayana pooja through best homam services Chennai is the way to achieve one’s desired results. AMA Vedic Services proves its mettle in the field through dedication and quality.


From anywhere, you can book Satyanarayana pooja services in Chennai through our online booking facility. 


Do Satyanarayana pooja for accomplishing what you wish on earth.


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