Navagraha Preethi Homam

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Navagraha Preethi takes one on the road to success through proper pariharam..

If you are in search of a trusted navagraha homam services Chennai, you’ve landed on the right page. We are one of the leading homam services in Chennai.

Navagraha Preethi Homam -What It Is?

Navagrahas are the nine celestial bodies who impose positive and negative effects on human life as per their positions in the natal horoscope of a person. The 9 grahas namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu have influence upon human life as per their benefic or malefic positions in the horoscopes of human beings. 

How to Perform Navagraha Homam?

Navagraha Preethi homam involves invoking the nine planets through nine kalashas which are decorated with banana leaves and filled with holy water. Nine kinds of flowers, grains are placed to denote the planets and they are placed on nine pieces of clothes in nine colors. Each color, grain and flower denotes each planet and there are nine kinds of prasadas for the planets as well. Moola mantras of the planets are recited to appease the navagrahas.


When To Conduct Navagraha Preethi Homam?

An astrologer decides when Navagraha Preethi should be done. Otherwise, before or after marriage, on the day of house warming or for any educational attainments, Navagraha homam is conducted and it can be on any auspicious day. On doing Navagraha homam, one can overcome the hurdles he faces in life, attain ayur, arokya and sowkyam.He gets wealth, health and prosperity in life.


Our Sterling Services

Our pandits recite mantras that are specifically devoted to each graha and help you attain the specific effect you desire through Navagraha Preethi homam. You can now book a navagraha homam service in Chennai online. The state of the art technology we have helps the participation of your dear and near in the homam even if they are away from the place. 

Our plans are cost-effective and you can choose as per your budget and need.We do not compromise on quality and sanctity that your attainments are assured through our Vedic services.

Navagraha Preethi homam-Star plan In this plan, Navagraha Preethi homam will be conducted by our 3 purohits and one main purohit with 21 avarthis. 

Navagraha Preethi homam-STD plan - Homam will be performed at our Ritual Centre with our Purohits. There will be three purohits and one main purohit to conduct the homam with 11 avarthis. 

NAVAGRAHA PREETHI HOMAM - "BYOP" PLAN In BYOP (Bring-Your-Own-Purohit) Plan homam will be performed at our Ritual Centre with your Purohits 

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Who Should Perform Navagraha Preethi Homam?

Suppose a person has Angaraka dosha or Kala Sarpa dosha, he has late marriage prospects. In order to overcome such adverse situations, he has to perform Navagraha Preethi homam and seek the blessing of navagrahas to get a happy married life.

Those who are affected by the malefic position of Kethu may undergo many sufferings and blocks that impede their advancement in life.

Saturn’s positions, especially transitory ones also affect a person’s success and happiness. On such occasions, it is necessary to conduct Navagraha Preethi homam.

Get over the adverse situations in life through Navagraha Preethi homam

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