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Sashti Vrat


Lord Karthikeya-God of Versatile Qualities!

Shukla Paksha Sashti in the Aadi month falls on July 28, Friday 2017.   Sashti is a day specially dedicated to Lord Karthikeyan. Murugan as we lovingly call Skanda in the Tamil language is the God of war and a mighty warrior. He was awarded a spear (Vel...

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Do You Know These Sterling Qualities of Lord Muruga?

  Sashti Vrata falls on May 31, 2017, Wednesday.   Sashti is the special day for the worship of Lord Muruga and those who observe vrat on this day reap tons of benefits and get relieved of their sins.   Let us see the unique qualities ...

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Arupadaiveedu Konda Thiru Muruga!

 Sashti in the ShuklaPaksha of Chithirai falls on May 1, 2017.We know that it is devoted to the worship of Lord Muruga. In this post, let us see what are the six abodes of Lord Muruga and what is their significance.   Though there are innumerable te...

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