What is the Eminence of Aippasi Pournami Annabhishekam?

Aippasi Pournami is the day noteworthy for anointing Lord Shiva with cooked rice. It is called Annabhishekam which is a favourite of Lord Shiva. This year, it falls on November 3 Friday.


It is a known fact that Lord Shiva is a lover of abhishekam and there are 16 ingredients with which we anoint him. Annam (cooked rice) is one among the 16 ingredients and it is the abhishekam liked by the Lord to the most.


Why Aippasi Pournami is selected for Annabhishekam?


It is said that Chandra, the Moon God comes close to earth on Aippasi Pournami and brightens the earth with its total shine. Rice is the grain offered to Chandra. So, it is auspicious to do Annabhishekam on Aippasi Pournami.


What is the relation between Chandra and Lord Shiva? Why should Shiva be anointed with (cooked) rice which is the offering made to Chandra, the Moon God?


There is a legend that explains this question.


Though Chandra got married to all the 27 stars, he was partial in his love for Rohini. He violated his promise to his father-in-law Daksha that he would show equal love for all his wives. So, Daksha cursed him that he would wane every day and lose his shine.


Chandra started losing his shine and requested Daksha to show him some way out of this crisis. Daksha advised him to pray to Lord Shiva in Thingalur.Chandra prayed to Lord Shiva in Thingalur and was blessed by Lord Shiva that he would wax and wane every fortnight and it would become a lunar cycle. Lord Shiva also gave him a place on his head.


Though Chandra got back his shine, he would dazzle the earth in his entire brilliance only on Aippasi Pournami as per the boon granted by Lord Shiva.  In order to thank Lord Shiva for bringing back moonlight to the earth, cooked rice (the offering to Chandra) is anointed on the deity.


Annabhishekam - a kind of thanksgiving to Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva controls the entire universe and takes care of the beings on the earth. He protects all five elements (air, water, earth, fire, and space). Rice is the fundamental food for us and it is made with the help of all the five elements. Rice grows as paddy on earth with the help of the wind and takes its energy from water from the space and fire from the Sun. So, offering Annabhishekam on Aippasi Pournami is the surest way of showing our gratitude to Lord Shiva who is our protector and is the caretaker of the five elements.


Benefits of participating in Annabhishekam


·         Removes our negative karma


·         Brings prosperity in life


·         Solves issues in business


·         Boosts self-confidence


·         Bestows progeny upon the childless couple


·         Assures bounty of food grains


·         Eating Annaabhisheka prasadam enhances the memory power of children.


Why not participate in Annabhishekam on Aippasi Pournami (November 3rd) and seek the grace of Lord Shiva?






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