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What do You Get from Celebrating Holi Festival?


      “Holi - a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm”


Holi festival falls on March 1, 2018, Thursday. What do we get from celebrating Holi? How does it help us lead a better life?


The messenger of Love and goodwill


It spreads love and goodwill which is the need of the hour.


The celebration of Holi cements all barriers between the caste and creed, brings unity among people and spreads goodwill and love among people.


Motivator of firm determination


Holi celebrates Holika Dahan.The story of Holika is related to the story of Prahalad who is a role model for determination and moral strength. On remembering the story of Prahalad, we are spiritually motivated to keep up the same determination.


Holi -burns negative thoughts and brings positive energy


The burning of the effigy of Holika is a way of burning our negative thoughts like anger, jealousy, depression, and anxiety. It refreshes our positive energy and helps in improving our overall mental health.


When there are these many benefits out of celebrating Holi, why not do it?







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