What Do the Five Faces of Lord Ganesh (Panchamukhi Ganesh) Represent?


Sankatahara Chaturthi falls on July 12, Wednesday, 2017.


The specialties and significance of Sankatahara Chathurthi are all well known to us by this time. As we visit some homes, we find Panchmukhi Vinayakar in their puja room and wonder at the significance of this particular form of Vinayakar.


What do the five faces of Vinayakar represent?


“Panch” means five and Mukhi means faces.


The five faces of Vinayakar face different directions. These five faces are representatives of five kokshas or layers in our subtle anatomy. They are Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya, Anandamaya


Panvhamukhi Vinayagar


1. Annamaya koksha(layer) - anna means food and it refers to the physical koksha of our subtle anatomy.


2. Pranamaya koksha - prana is our lifegiving force. It represents nadis, chakras and Kundalini in our subtle body.


3. Manomaya koksha - mano refers to our mind and this koksha or layer of subtle anatomy refers to our mind and perception.


4. Vijnanamaya koksha - vijnana means intellect. It refers to our discerning and discriminating capabilities.


5. Anandamaya koksha - anada is the cosmic bliss and attaining supreme consciousness, the ultimate Self.


So, the Pancha Mukhs of Lord Ganesh symbolize our entire body structure and lead us to Ultimate Bliss in the end.


Benefits of keeping Panchmukhi Ganesh at home


·         Worshipping Panchamukhi Ganapathy will lead one to Anandamaya, the supreme cosmic bliss.


·         It will bring all prosperity, health and wealth to a person.


·         It removes all obstacles in one’s life.


In which direction we should keep the idol of Panchmukhi Ganesh?


It is good to keep the Panchamukhi Ganesh idol in the North East, West or East directions. Keeping Panchmukhi Ganesh in the East direction is the best one since it removes all obstacles in the house and brings prosperity to the family.


Worship Lord Ganesh on Sankatahara Chathurthi and gain immense prosperity in life.


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