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Symbolic Meaning of Lord Muruga’s Marriage!

Karthigai Vrata in the month of Masi falls on February 22, 2018, Thursday.


Every devotee of Lord Muruga deems it a special day and prays to Lord Muruga to fulfill his wishes by observing fast and worshipping Lord Muruga.


Lord Muruga has two wives namely Devayanai and Valli.


 Devayanai symbolizes Iccha shakti


Valli symbolizes Kriya shakti


Muruga is the Gnana shakti in the Universe.


Lord Muruga is the embodiment of wisdom and the soul should have the intention (Iccha shakti) to plunge into action (Kriya shakti) to get united with God (Gnana shakti). Thus, Lord Muruga’s consorts Valli and Devayanai are the powers that promote the union of the soul with God.


Karthigaii Vrata


Marriage of Lord Muruga with Devayanai


We know that Lord Muruga is the Deva Senapathy (Army Chief of the Devas) and defeated the Asura Surapadman and restored the power of the Devas to them. As a token of gratitude, Indra gave his daughter Devayanai in marriage to Lord Muruga.Their marriage took place in Thiruparamkunram, one of the six famous abodes of Lord Muruga.


Marriage of Lord Muruga with Valli


Valli is the adopted daughter of Nambi Rajan,Chief of a tribal race. She was married by Muruga through various attempts of courtship.


Two kinds of worship symbolized by the marriage of Lord Muruga


The two marriages of Lord Muruga symbolize two kinds of devotion towards God.


Muruga’s marriage with Devayanai was conducted in the orthodox manner. It symbolizes the conventional way of praying to God with a knowledge of the Vedas and Sastras.


Muruga’s marriage with Valli was by way of love and it symbolizes the emotional and unconventional attachment of a devotee towards God.


Let us observe Karthigai vrata and seek spiritual wisdom from Lord Muruga. 










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