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Feb 2, 2017, Thursday is Sashti Vrat.


Sashti is the sixth day from the New Moon and the Full Moon days in the lunar calendar. Devotees of Lord Muruga observe fasting and perform puja at home on this day to seek the Lord’s blessings. They fast for 24 hours from the day’s sunrise to the next day’s sunrise. Some people observe partial fasting by taking fruits. People visit Muruga’s temples on the day of Sashti and worship him.


Reciting Kanda Sashti Kavasam, Skanda Guru Kavasam or reading Skanda Puranam is the way people meditate on Lord Muruga on this day. Though people observe Sashti vratham twice a month, Skanda Sashti fasting for 6 days during the month of  Aippasi is the most important one.


 Mayooraadi rooDham mahaavaakya gooDham

 Manohaari deham mahacchitta geham |

 Mahee deva devam mahaa veda bhaavam

 Mahaa deva baalam bhaje lokapaalam




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