Pradosha Mahima

Pradosham for Avani Shukla Paksha falls on September 3, 2017, Sunday


We all know that Pradosham is the time Lord Shiva is in His most ecstatic mood, sprinkling His cosmic energy on earth to the core.


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 All the hosts of celestial beings and gods come down from the heavens and attend the worship in their subtle forms. Lord Shiva is known to be in the most ecstatic of moods.


During the time of Pradosham, The Lord who holds the trident makes Goddess Gowri, Who is the mother of all the three worlds, sit on a golden seat inlaid with precious gems, and prepares to dance himself, and all the devas sing his praise at this time.


सत्यं ब्रवीमि परलोकहितं ब्रवीमि सारम ब्रवीम्युपनिषद्ध दयं ब्रवीमि ।

संसारमुल्बणमसारमवाप्य जंतो: सारोयमीश्‍वरपदांबुरुहस्य सेवा ॥१


Sathyam braveemi, paraloka hitham braveemi, Saaram braveemi upanishadyadhyam braveemi,

Samsaramuthbanamasar vaapya jantho,  Saroyameeswarapadhamburuhasya seva



We worship Shiva with His adornments like Damaru on one hand, the Ganges on the head, Trisul on the other hand, snake around the neck and Moon on the forehead.


It is the time all the Devas and Gods come down to earth to witness the majestic dance of Lord Shiva.


Let us pray to the Lord during Pradosha Kalam to get rid of our karmic ill effects and get prosperity in life.


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