The Mantra to be chanted during Pradosham!

Pradosham is the auspicious time for praying to Lord Shiva.


The Sandhya Tandavam Lord Shiva during Pradosham (the twilight period of Thrayodashi thithi during waning and waxing lunar cycle) is a rare phenomenon. It is an invitation to Gods, Devas and sages to witness the grand and vibrant dance of Lord Shiva on the bulls of Nandi.


Pradosham in the Shukla Paksha Karthigai month falls on December 1, Friday.


Praying to Lord Shiva during Pradosham removes the karmic ill effects that impede one’s progress in life. Those who know the abundant grace and compassion of Lord Shiva utilize this period to fast, pray and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.


The Panchakshara mantra for chanting during Pradosham




This mantra is the Panchakshara mantra that is fit for chanting while praying to Lord Shiva during Pradosham. It has the following benefits


1. It removes all the negative energy that obstructs one’s success in life.


2. It helps one in attaining Moksha.


3. One’s physical and mental wellbeing is improved.


4. It keeps the enemies away and protects the devotee.                            


5. Peace and happiness improve in the family.


Let us chant the Panchakshara mantra during Pradosham and obtain the grace of Lord Shiva to the maximum.














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