Lord Shiva - the Graceful God to be pleased with a Bilva Patra


Krishna Paksha Pradosham in Aippasi falls on November 1, 2017.Wednesday.


Pradosham Kalam is the time Lord Shiva is in the best of His spirits and awards whatever the devotee wishes. Want to know what benefits you get by worshipping Lord Shiva during Pradosham? Read more


Even a flower or bilva leaf will do to please Lord Shiva.  


Lighting a lamp to Lord Shiva during Pradosham brings innumerable benefits to the devotee.


Goddess Parvathi is also in Her cheerful spirits and blesses Her devotees bounteously during this time.


Pradosham worship bestows spiritual empowerment upon the devotees and helps them in going ahead in their spiritual journey.


Worshipping Shiva during Pradosha kalam removes the negative karma of a person.


Chanting slokas related to Shiva will please the Lord Who is known for His limitless grace towards His devotees.


The general benefits of observing Pradosham vrata are happiness, honour, wealth and health.


Women who wish to have a son fast on Pradosham.


Let us reap the best of spiritual and material benefits by observing Pradosha vrat and by worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi during Pradosham.









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