Lord Muruga - God of Wisdom and Knowledge

Sashti in the month of Thai falls on January 23, 2018, Tuesday.


It is a day that is dedicated to the worship of Lord Muruga. Sashti is the sixth day from the New Moon and the Full Moon days in the lunar calendar.


Observing Sashti Vrata has been part of the regular prayers of the devotees of Lord Muruga. Taking a vow on the day brings innumerable benefits to the devotees. Those who are childless are advised to observe Sashti Vrata and pray to Lord Muruga for a child.


Lord Muruga is the epitome of knowledge and wisdom. Most of us know that Lord Muruga became the Guru to his father Shiva by explaining the meaning of the term Aumwhich is the Pranava Mantra.


 ‘Aum’ is the mantra or sound that permeates the entire Universe. It contains every particle of the Universe. ‘Aum’ means that everything is love and kindness and everybody is part of this love and kindness.


The legend behind the name தகப்பன்சாமி


Sashti Vrata


There is a story related to Muruga’s explanation of the term ‘Aum’.


Lord Muruga wanted to know the meaning of the term ‘Aum’. He went to Lord Brahma and asked him to explain what the meaning of ‘Aum’ is? Brahma advised him to learn the alphabet first as He Himself did not know the meaning. Muruga went to Lord Shiva and asked Him the same. Shiva also did not know and asked Muruga to explain.


If Muruga were to explain the concept of ‘Aum’, He should pose himself as the Guru of Shiva and He claimed a pedestal (higher place) for explaining the concept. Shiva took him on His shoulders and listened to the explanation of ‘Aum’ as rendered to him by Muruga in His ears.


Swaminathan’ - this is what Goddess Parvathi called Muruga on seeing the son becoming the Guru of Her Nathan. In Tamil, we call Muruga ‘Thagappansami’ (தகப்பன்சாமி).


Let us worship Lord Muruga, the embodiment of wisdom on Sashti and get His blessings for an enhanced spiritual life.


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