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Legend of Chintamani Temple, Theur, Pune!

Sankatahara Chaturthi is the fourth day after Full Moon day in every month. It is the Krishna paksha Chaturthi of every month.


This year, in the month of Thai, Sankatahara Chaturthi falls on February 3, Saturday.


Vinayaka is the God who dispels all hindrances in the life of a person who prays to him. When one prays to Lord Vigneshwara on Sankatahara Chaturthi, a day known for the removal of obstacles, he will reap all good benefits he desires out of his vrata. By observing Sankatahara Chaturthi vrata for a year continuously, one is able to fulfil his specific wish he wants to accomplish through this vrata. It should be completed with Maha Ganapathy homam or Vancha Kalpa Ganapathy homam.


How did Vinayaka get the name ‘Gananayak’?


Vinayaka has the name ‘Gananayak’ or ‘Gananatha’. One meaning is that He is the Lord of all the Ganas.The other meaning is that He got the name ‘Gananayak’ by defeating Gana, who was the son of king Abijith and queen Gunavati.


Legend Behind Chintamani Vinayaka.


Chintamani Vinayaka.

Gana was mighty and powerful. He worshipped Lord Shiva ardently. The Lord was pleased with his devotion and granted him many boons. Gana became proud of his status and started boasting about himself. One day, he visited the ashram of Kapila Rishi and wanted to get a precious gem called Chintamani from Kapila.Chintamani is a rare gem which fulfils the wishes of people and provides food abundantly to all.


Kapila refused to give Chintamani to Gana who forcibly took it from Kapila.The rishi prayed to Vinayaka and requested him to restore the gem to him. Vinayaka appeared in the dream of Gana and cut off his head.


On waking up from his dream, Gana did not repent for the mistake committed by him. He got angry and wanted to kill Kapila. Though his father tried to prevent him from doing so, he did not pay heed to the words of his father.


When Gana went to the ashram of Kapila with his army, he found Lord Ganesh standing with his army to protect Kapila.In the fierce battle between Ganesh and Gana, the Lord killed Gana and restored Chintamani to Kapila.The rishi gave the gem to Ganesh, since it was instrumental in causing desire and consequent troubles.


Kapila requested Ganesh to stay in that place called Theur and the deity of Vinayaka temple in Theur, Pune is called Chintamani Vinayaka.


Let us worship Lord Vinayaka on Sankatahara Chaturthi and get our wishes fulfilled with His grace.






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