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How did Mouse Become the Vehicle of Lord Ganesh?

Sankatahara Chaturthi in the month of Karthigai falls on December 6th, Wednesday. Everyone finds Lord Ganesh as their favourite deity with a mouse as His vehicle.


Why is Ganesh the favourite deity of most of the Hindus?


First of all, Lord Ganesh has a pot belly with an elephant face and thus He attracts the attention of each and every person. The children especially are impressed by His appearance. They find Him close to their hearts.


Next, Lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and He is the God who is worshipped in the beginning of all auspicious events. He is universally worshipped by all the Hindus.


Fasting on Sankatahara Chaturthi is followed by many Hindus. Lord Ganesh nullifies the struggles of the devotees who fast on the day and also fulfils their wishes.


How did mouse become the vehicle of Lord Ganesh?


It is always a wonderful sight to find Ganesh -the God with a huge structure, sitting on a small creature like a mouse.


There is a mythological story behind the mouse being the vehicle of Lord Ganesh.


In Ganesh Purana, there is the description of an incident which relates to how a mouse became the mount of Lord Ganesh.


In the court of Indra, there was a Gandharva with the name Krauncha.He was a good singer and one day, he stepped upon the feet of the rishi Vama Dev. The rishi got angry and cursed him to be born as a mouse. The Gandharva prayed for his mercy. The rishi said that he could not get back his curse. He also said that Krauncha would become the vehicle of Lord Ganesh and would be worshipped along with the God forever. 


Krauncha became a mouse and was wandering near the ashram of the rishi Parashara.He was very huge in size and gave lots of troubles to his neighbourhood. One day, Vinayaka visited the ashram of Parashara. On seeing the mischiefs of the mouse (Krauncha) in the nearby places, Vinayaka wanted to tame it. He sent a noose to catch the mouse and brought the mouse under his control. Thus, Krauncha became the mount of Lord Ganesh and attained immortal fame.


Every aspect of Lord Ganesh is adorable. Let us worship him on Sankatahara Chathurthi and get rid of our worries and sins.


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