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How to Combat the Influence of Saturn in Life

In all honesty, are you facing these problems?


Beyond your hard working, you are not getting rewards for your work


irrespective of taking proper medication, you are still suffering from health-related problems.


You may wonder why all these happen in your life and of course, you are in search of a solution for such problems.


First, let’s see why such hurdles happen in our life.


Effect of planetary positions and the influence of Saturn in life


The predominant thing that influences our life is the effect of the positions of the planets in our horoscope. We undergo struggles in your life especially in a phase when we are under the influence of Saturn, the planet who is known to render punishment for our misdeeds in the previous birth. His 7 ½ ruling years are always hard to get through and we undergo lots of sufferings during this phase.


The best thing is to conduct Navagraha Preethi homam which will appease Sani Bagavan. It is a homam invoking all the nine planets and Saturn is one among these nine planets.


What is Navagraha Preethi homam?


Navagraha Homam services Chennai


Navagraha Preethi homam is a yagna conducted to invoke all the nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu). When these celestial bodies are invoked through Agni, they are pleased and bless us with positive results so that we will get rid of the negative effects we face in life.


Certain planetary positions can be adverse in their effects. For example, Mars in an adverse position or Rahu or Kethu ill posited will not bring good effects in our life. When we conduct Navagraha Preethi homam, these planets are appeased and they lessen their harsh influence upon our life and become favourable to us.



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