Do you know Lord Shiva is a Nephrologist?

Shukla Paksha Pradosham in Margazhi falls on December 30, 2017. Lord Shiva, the primary deity for worship on this day is a deity with mighty powers and abundant grace.


You may be aware of the versatile powers of Lord Shiva. He is the benefactor and destroyer of the world. He blesses the mankind with His unlimited grace.


Do you know that Lord Shiva is a nephrologist (kidney specialist)?


Oottathur Suddha Ratneswarar

Shiva temple in Oottathur near Trichy is a place of worship for Lord Shiva and was originally named as Ootrathur. There is an ootru (a spring of water) in the water tank of this temple. The water tank is called Brahma Theertham. Water in this tank never decreases even during the dry summer.


Suddha Ratneswarar

Shiva in this temple is known as Suddha Ratneswarar.The Lingam is said to have been made of pure ratna gem and so the name Suddha Ratneswarar has been awarded to Lord Shiva in this temple.



Though the presiding deity of the temple is Suddha Ratneswarar, the statue of Lord Nataraja made of black granite (panchanadhanam) is equally significant in the temple. This black granite has the capability of emitting radiation and absorbing sun rays.


Abhishekam from the Brahma Theertham is done to Nataraja who wears vetiver garland. The devotees with kidney problems offer a garland of vetiver (medicinal grass) to Lord Nataraja. They are given this vetiver garland back along with abhisheka water (in a can) and they take these two home. They need to soak a bit of vetiver in a glass of abhisheka water every night and drink it in the morning. This soaked water has medicinal values and cures a person of his kidney problems.


It may be that the combination of Brahma Theertha water, vetiver and black granite statue carries medicinal values. Thus, the devotees getting the vetiver garland that was on the black granite statue of Lord Nataraja get relieved of their kidney problems when they drink water that has the properties of Brahma Theertham, vetiver and black granite.


It is wonderful to note that Lord Shiva has the power to save His devotees from long-term ailments like kidney failures.




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