All you need to know about Angarika Chaturthi


Sankatahara Chaturthi in the month of Aippasi falls on November 7, Tuesday.


It is Angarika Chaturthi. Sankatahara Chaturthi that falls on Tuesday is known as Angariki Chaturthi. ‘Angara’ means burning coal amber and it also refers to the planet Mars. Praying to Ganesh on this day is very auspicious. The devotees get their wishes fulfilled. Their problems are nullified if they fast on Angarika Chaturthi.


Mythological background of Angarika Sankatahara Chaturthi



Angarika Chaturthi


In Ganesha Purana, Upasana Khanda, there is a legend regarding the origin of the name ‘Angarika’ for this Chaturthi.



Mother Earth took care of the son of Bharadwaj rishi for seven years and got him back to the father. The rishi brought up the child, teaching him Vedas, mantras and all other aspects of Dharma. He taught him Ganapathy mantra and the son wanted to go to the forest and pray to Lord Ganesha. Due to his hard and fast penance, he was blessed with the divine presence of the Lord and was advised to seek any boon from Him.



The excited son of Bharadwaj rishi felt blessed and sought the boon of taking ambrosia with the gods in heaven and also the day on which he got the blessings of the God should be blissful to anyone who prays to Ganesha and fasts on the Chaturthi falling in the Krishna paksha of Maga month. Pleased Ganesha granted the boon and also said that that day would be named after the son as ‘Angarika’ (the son is the son of earth and red in colour. so, he was named Angarak by Ganesha).



Angarika Chaturthi falls twice in a year and those who fast on this day get their wishes fulfilled with the divine grace of Lord Ganesha. 



As we know Ganesh is the God who is the remover of all the obstacles in our lives and He blesses abundantly those who observe Sankatahara Chaturthi vrata


So, worshipping Ganesh on Angarika Chathurthi will bring many positive results and spiritual energy to us.If you want to know how to observe Sankatahara Chaturthi vrata and its benefits? Read on our blog How to Observe Sankatahara Chaturthi Vrata to know more. 






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