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Checklist for Ganapathy Homam

Are you going to conduct Ganapathy homam? Check the following list.   Ganapathy homam is an essential aspect of religious activities. Since Lord Ganesh is the primary God and remover of obstacles, we worship him at the outset of any yagna.   It i...

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Significance of Karkidakam - Ramayana Month

Karkidakam is the Malayalam month which is equivalent to Aadi in Tamil calendar. It starts on July 17 and ends on August 16 in 2017.This month is observed as Ramayana masam by Keralites   Karkidakam month is significant in Malayalam cal...

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Why Online Temple Services is a Must Today

  With everything done online, temple services online booking could be the most welcoming one today. Why?   In the present day hectic lifestyle, visiting a temple of your choice on a particular date you wish to visit looks almost impossible beca...

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Why Should We Worship Our Kuladeivam?

   Kanchi Maha Periyava is a great Mahan known for rendering practical pieces of advice that can be followed by even a common man.   Kanchi Mahan was observing Chathurmasya vrata and was visiting many places. In a village, a farmer came to ...

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