What is the Eminence of Aippasi Pournami Annabhishekam?

Aippasi Pournami is the day noteworthy for anointing Lord Shiva with cooked rice. It is called Annabhishekam which is a favourite of Lord Shiva. This year, it falls on November 3 Friday.   It is a known fact that Lord Shiva is a lover of abhishekam...

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Lord Shiva - the Graceful God to be pleased with a Bilva Patra

  Krishna Paksha Pradosham in Aippasi falls on November 1, 2017.Wednesday.   Pradosham Kalam is the time Lord Shiva is in the best of His spirits and awards whatever the devotee wishes. Want to know what benefits you get by worshipping Lord Shiva ...

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Karthigai - the Auspicious Day for Seeking the Grace of Lord Muruga!

  Karthigai vrata falls on October 9, 2017, Monday.   Karthigai is considered as the birthday of Lord Muruga and those who observe Karthigai vrata on this day reap many good things in life. In temples, Special Abishegam is performed t...

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What is Sankatahara Chathurthi Vrata Procedure?

Sankatahara Chaturthi in the month of Aippasi falls on October 8, 2017, Sunday.   Vinayaka-remover of obstacles   Vinayaka is the God who dispels all hindrances in the life of a person who prays to him. When one prays to Lord Vigneshwara on Sa...

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What does the Third Eye of Lord Shiva Signify?

Pradosham in the Shukla Paksha Purattasi falls on October 3rd, 2017. We generally adore the ornaments of Shiva for their significance. His third eye is equally magnificent and bears lots of significance.   Let us see what are the inspiring qualities of ...

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Do you know the significance of the term ‘Aum’?

Sashti for the Tamil month of Purattasi falls on September 26, 2017, Tuesday. We observe Sashti vrata on this day to seek the blessings of Lord Muruga.   Most of us know that Lord Muruga became the Guru to his father Shiva by explaining the meaning of t...

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Shiva Tandavam - Vibrant, Energetic Ecstatic Dance

Krishna Paksha Pradosham in Avani falls on September 17, 2017.   During Pradosham Lord Shiva dances vibrantly on the horns of Nandi and blesses the world with his cosmic energy.   Shiva’s Tandavam is His vibrant, energetic ecstatic dance...

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