The Origin of Pradosham Worship

Pradosham is a day special for the worship of Lord Shiva and every devotee of Lord Shiva makes it a point to visit a temple and seek the benedictions of Shiva on this day.   Have you heard of Sayana Sivan?   You may know Lord Vishnu is found i...

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Pradosha Abhisheka Benefits

Pradosham is the auspicious time to pray to Lord Shiva. It occurs on the Thrayodashi thithi that falls on the 13th day after Full Moon and New Moon days.   Pradosha kalam is between 4.30-6 pm and people worship Lord Shiva at this time with various offe...

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Benefits of Karthigai Vrata

  Karthigai vrata falls on July 9, 2018, Monday.   Karthigai is considered as the birthday of Lord Muruga and those who observe Karthigai vrata on this day reap many good things in life. In temples, Special Abishegam is performed...

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Sankatahara Chaturthi Fasting Procedure

 Sankatahara Chaturthi 2018 date is July 01, Sunday.    Sankatahara Chaturthi is the fourth day after Full Moon day in every month and is devoted to the prayers of Lord Ganesha.   ’Sankat’ means trouble or hurdles and &lsq...

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Benefits of Sashti Viratham

Sashti Vrata falls on June 19, 2018, Tuesday.   Shashti is a day dedicated to Lord Muruga. He is the God of war and a mighty warrior.   The victory of Muruga over Surapadma is celebrated through Sashti festival. It is not just the destruction o...

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