Pooja & Homam Services

Pooja & Homam Services

Pooja and Homam are purifiers and nullifiers of negative energy. Proper homam services Chennai are essential to invoke the specific deity and receive desired results. Avail online booking facilities to add to your comfort and lessen time.

Significance of Homam and Pooja

Homam, Pooja are part and parcel of Hindu religion followed by people over centuries. They are the rituals performed to various Gods for availing good positive effects for the performer. Being conducted in a haven by invoking Agni God, any homam is meant to nullify the evil effects sustained in human body through negative karmas and it radiates positive energy, peace of mind and good spirit in the human body and mind.

Mantras chanted in the homam pooja reenergize the chakras in body, dispel negative human elements like anger and rashness and render tranquility and composed mind.

Scientific reason behind performance of homam

Homams are the purifiers of the environmental pollution. With 36 herbs used as samagri along with raw sugar and ghee in a homam, the environment gets purified by absorbing the energy present in the samagri getting transformed to a gaseous form that spreads across the place where homam is conducted.

Conducting Homam through expert Homam services Chennai group!

Homam is conducted in homes, temples or Vedic centers. The pandits use havan gund for igniting fire and invoking Agni God, who is the representative of Sun God, source of energy. The havan is decorated with flowers, turmeric powder and required materials as per different homams.

The person who wishes to perform a homam can select a specific one as per his aspirations. For example, Maha Ganapathy homam is performed for overcoming obstacles and achieving one’s desired goals. Maha Mrutyunjaya homam is performed for longevity. Each god is appeased in his special form through chanting mantras and offerings suitable for Him or Her.

Performing homam and puja at home is ingrained in Hinduism for the benefits one reaps out of it. It also obliterates the negative energy in a person and destroys pollution in the environment. By offering money to a Brahmin priest who conducts homam, one is able to get rid of the ill effects of his negative karma. Utilizing good homam services Chennai online booking will help one gain the right effects without fail.

Types of Homam Pooja

Following are some homams frequently performed by Hindus

 Maha Ganapathy Homam

Maha Ganapathy homam drives away all material obstacles and hindrances in new ventures, business or any other prospects. One gets prosperity, peace of mind, health and wealth through Maha Ganapathy homam. It is conducted in the early hours of the day. For various types of Ganapathy homam cost and other details, click here. 

Satyanarayana pooja

Satyanarayana pooja brings progeny, wealth and mental health for people. It is in praise of Lord Narayana. Full moon day, ekadasi, karthika purnima, vaishak purnima and solar eclipse are the suitable days for performing Satyanarayana pooja. Access the best homam services Chennai online booking to reap the best results of this pooja. For Satyanarayana pooja cost and other details, click here.

Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam

Maha Mrutyunjaya homam is offered to Lord Shiva and it relieves a person of his serious ailments, brings forth long life and removes the fear of death. One’s birth nakshatra or birthday is the right time for performing Mrutyunjaya homam.  For Mrutyunjaya homam cost and other details, click here. 

Navagraha Preethi Homam

Issues created by the position of navagrahas in our natal horoscope or transit periods can be resolved through Navagraha Preethi homam. All nine planets have their specific role to play in human life. By offering prayers to them, one can nullify the evil impacts and problems in life.For various types of Navagraha Preeti homam services in Chennai click here. 

Aaysha Homam

Aayusha homam is conducted to extend one’s lifespan with good health and wellbeing. It is conducted in the early hours of a day, especially on one’s birthday. For different types of Aayush homam cost and other details, click here. 

Pooja and homam energize human body and soul with positive vibes.

Get over your negative karma through frequent performances of pooja and homam with the help of excellent homam services Chennai.

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