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February 24, 2017 01:08 PM

Shivaratri - Interesting Facts


Shivaratri 4 Kala Abishekam Benefits

We actually know that there are 4 phases of abhishekams for Shiva on the night of Maha Shivaratri. Do you know what are the ingredients for abhishekam for each phase and what is the benefit?

Here the details are for your sake




During this phase, Lord Brahma while taking the form of a swan to find out the top of Lord Shiva does Pooja to Shivalinga.


Ingredients for abhishekampanchakavyam (5 products of cow)-milk, curd, ghee, komiumkosanam


Colour of the cloth to drape the lingam: yellow coloured silk


Archanai: lotus flower


Neivedyam: Green moong dhal Pongal


Deepam with ghee


The benefit of the Pooja of this phase


        We will get rid of the sins of this birth.




During this phase, Lord Vishnu taking the form of the boar to find out the bottom of Shivalinga does Pooja to Lingam.


Ingredients for abhishekampanchamirtham


Colourof the cloth to drape the linga-white silk


Archanai: gold coins


Neivedyam: sweet payasam


Deepam with gingelly oil


Santhana kappu is the special item of this phase.


Benefit of the Pooja of this phase:


We will get prosperity, health and the grace of Lord Vishnu in life.




During this phase sakthi does Pooja to Lord Shiva.


Ingredients for abhishekam: Honey


Colour of the cloth to drape the lingam: Red silk


Alankaram with bel leaves and pachai karpooram


Archanaijathimalli flower


Neivedyam: Kalkandu bath


Deepam with Ghee


This phase is called lingothbava kaalam (the incident of Brahma in the form of swam and Vishnu in the form of boar going in search of the top and bottom of Shivalinga).


Benefit of the Pooja of this phase:


We will be protected from negative influences in life.




During this phase, all the animate beings in the universe do Pooja to Shiva.


Ingredients for abhishekam: sugarcane juice and milk


Alankaram with kesar


Special alankaram and Pooja


Archana: Nandhiyavattai flower


Those who participate in all these 4 phases are sure to get liberation from the sorrows of life.


Sivalaya Ottam


Sivalaya ottam


We know lots about celebrating Maha Shivaratri and its religious background. You know that we keep vigil overnight of Maha Shivaratri to worship Lord Shiva.


Do you know that there are devotees who run from temple to temple to celebrate Maha Shivaratri?



Here is the news for you - Sivalaya Ottam in 12 Lord shiva temples of Kanyakumari district



Sivalaya ottam


Sivalaya Ottam means running from one Siva temple to another.


In kalkuLam, Vilavankodu Taluk of Kumari district, there are 12 shiva temples which are visited by the devotees in the running status.



It starts from Thirumalai Mahadevar temple near Munchirai and continues with Shiva temples in Thikkurichi, Thirupparappu, Thirunandikkarai, Ponmanai, Pannipakam, Kalkulam, Melangodu, Thriuvidaikkodu, Thiruvithancodu, Thriupannikodu and ends with Sankaranarayanar temple in Thirunattalam - suggesting that Hari and Haran are one and the same.This long run takes around 100kms. 


People from all walks of life participate in the run. With sacred ash and fan on hand, wearing a red scarf around their waist the devotees chant the names of Shiva and Narayana as they run from temple to temple to have Shiva darshan.


Nowadays, many devotees come in cars and other vehicles to visit these temples.


Rare and great. What do you feel?



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