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October 12, 2017 09:51 AM

Indian Festivals- Great Messages and Seamless Joy

Festivals are the grand occasions that capture our hearts with their galore of cheers and colourful festivity and are strewn over all parts of India with amazing messages bearing spiritual, religious and national significance. Though India has diversified religions, languages and cultures, it is unified by the festivals that speak up for the glory and rich tradition of our country.


Kinds of festivals we celebrate


In India, we celebrate religious festivals, national festivals, and seasonal festivals. When Hindu beams with joy over Deepavali, Navarathri, Durga Pooja, Raksha Bandhan and Naga Panchami, a Christian takes delight in celebrating Christmas and New Year and  Muslims celebrate Id, Ramzan, Miladi Nabi and other such religious festivals.


Be it a Hindu, Christian or Muslim, Indians make the most of their festivals to showcase their religiosity, heartfelt greetings and wishes for their kith and kin or friends who celebrate the festivals. Mahavir Jayanthi, Buddha Poornima, Karva Chauth are no exception to this category.


National festivals


Who can forget our Independence Day which was obtained with tons of struggle through the sacrifice of great leaders and of countless people? Republic Day stands as an emblem of our power as the largest democracy in the world. Every Indian celebrates these national festivals with enthusiasm, patriotism, and fervor so as to remember those great heroes who sacrificed everything for our sake. National festivals have the same amount of spirit and cheers as religious festivals in India.


Seasonal festivals


Seasons mark a change not only in climate but they also mark the spirit of Indians to celebrate the wonders of seasons through festivals. Tamilians celebrate Pongal at the start of the month of Thai as Thamizhar Thirunaal and Uzhavar Thirunaal. It is in respect of the harvest and new paddy they reap every year during that season and they worship Sun God on the day to exhibit their gratitude towards the God who has helped them in the harvest with His light.


Same time, people celebrate Baisakhi in North India when they are going to harvest Rabi crop. Holi is celebrated as bidding farewell to winter and for inviting summer. Bihu and Onam are also seasonal festivals. Basant Panchami is a seasonal festival for celebrating Spring season.


The great facts we learn from these festivals


All Indian festivals reveal certain truths.


They show our unity in diversity. We find many people who belong to various religious sects celebrating festivals in common. It shows how we are unified in celebrating the festivals despite our religious and cultural differences.


Festivals highlight the importance of our culture and tradition. When we celebrate religious festivals, we inhere the spiritual significance and religious message they convey and carry these messages forward to the next generation. When we celebrate national festivals, we remember the great leaders, their feats, and sacrifices and are motivated to follow their footsteps. Festivals are our legacy so to say.


Festivals fill the hearts with joy and rejuvenate our body and soul with energy.They are symbols of our family bonding and pave way for getting together in families or among friends.


So, you and I look forward to every festive season with great expectations……..great colours, new clothes, lights and lamps, sweets and greetings….wonderful and splendid …yes? Let us enjoy our festivals to the brim and cherish the messages conveyed through them! 





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