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January 29, 2018 11:32 AM

How Thai Pusam is Special for Devotees of Muruga?

Thai Pusam is a famous festival celebrated in the worship of Lord Muruga.


Thai Pusam occurs in the month of Thai on the Full Moon day when the Moon passes through Pusam nakshatram.


The word ‘Thai Pusam’ is a combination of the name of the month, Thai, and the name of a star, Pusam.


Thai Pusam 2018 falls on January 31, Wednesday.


Significance of Thai Pusam

Thai Pusam


On this day, Muruga received the weapon Vel from Goddess Parvathi to destroy Sura Padman. This symbolically indicates the destruction of all evil things including our inner evil.


The nakshatram Pusam is noted for high intelligence and the Moon represents our state of mind. So, praying to Lord Muruga on this day will bring spiritual wisdom and inner intelligence to us.  


It is also said that Lord Shiva came down to earth on this day to mitigate sufferings caused by our karma and to bestow enlightenment on us.


Thai Pusam is a thanksgiving festival that involves asceticism and control over one’s senses.


It is a day for devotees to celebrate the fulfilment of their vows.


People go to Pazhani and Tiruchendur on foot to celebrate Thai Pusam.


Kavadi attam and pal kudam are the famous rituals of the day.


Thai Pusam is celebrated mainly by the Tamil speaking community settled in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and elsewhere around the world.


Let us worship Lord Muruga on Thai Pusam and seek His grace to attain spiritual wisdom.






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