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June 09, 2017 12:19 PM

Does Samashti Ganapathy Homam Mitigate Sufferings in Kali Yuga?

Ganapathy is the primordial God worshipping whom takes you on the path to success in every walk of life. Even when there is such a God, who takes care of you in your every endeavour, you do not go near him for all your enterprises and face many hurdles in life. Why?


Our plight in KaliYuga


We are living in Kali Yuga - an age that sprinkles all kinds of sufferings on us through misdeeds and negative influences in life. Wherever you see, whoever you come across, you hear and read stories of ailments, sufferings, accidents, deaths, and failures -pushing you to the extreme of thinking – “Is there no way out for this age of evil?”


Take your personal life. It is no less good. You have same stories of bad happenings, impediments, ailments, and sorrows.


Whom to worship and how to get over this sad predicament?


Ganapathy, the primary God of success


Yes, it is Lord Vinayak who can drive away your sorrows and sufferings and gear up success in your life.


Even though we know all these things, do we pay attention to the prayers, pooja and homam that will enable us to seek the blessings of this God of success? Do we spare time for this?


We do not. We have no time for prayers as we are caught up in the mundane life where even to pay reverence to the Lord through offering some flowers and durva is beyond our reach.


What can we do in such a situation? When we run and rush even for our meals and sleep, do we have time to sit for homam and poojas? No.


What is the solution?


It is better to seek the support of Vedic centers that offer services for conducting Ganapathy homam. They take all responsibilities, collect materials, arrange for purohits and you are just a guest like personality who performs the homam and gets the complete benefit out of it.


Even there, Samashti Ganapathy homam services are offered which are cost effective without compromising in the sanctity of conducting the ritual.


What is a Samashti homam?


A Samashti homam is a homam conducted for a group of individuals/families. It is a ritual conducted for many people through a single homam.


A question may arise - how can I get the complete benefit of the homam when there are other participants in the homam?


Yes, it is true you are not the only participant. But when the purohit conducts sankalpam, he asks each participant to say his gothra and birth star and the birth stars of his family members. Likewise, he asks all the other participants. So, your sankalpams are individualized and you are also asked to pray to God about what you wish to accomplish through that specific homam. Your purpose is served though you participate in a group. At the same time, the cost of the homam is shared with others and thus Samashti Ganapathy homam is very economical and cost effective.


Why should you perform Samashti Ganapathy homam?


Vedic centers offer plans wherein Samashti Ganapathy homam is conducted every month for a nominal rate and it is a yearly plan.


Samashti Ganapathy homam plan benefits


1. Month wise homam is conducted so that the grace of Lord Ganesh is very often sought for.


2. Repeated homam brings benefits like prosperity, soul purification, and spiritual enlightenment.


3. When you sit for homam every month, nadis and chakras in your body are purified.


4. Health improves as you inhale the smoke of the havan gund with lots of herbs and other ingredients put in the fire.


5. Ganapathy governs the Mooladhara chakra so that your pocket is always full and you become more and more wealthy in life.


6. Sitting for Ganapathy homam is very essential for spiritual growth as Ganapathy influences your Kundalini Shakti.


7. It is like an insurance policy. You pay premium periodically through Samashti homam to Lord Ganapathy and request him to safeguard you against the ills of life. Naturally, you will be protected by Ganapathy from any odd that could impede your success in professional or personal life.


8. For business men, it is very good. They need Ganesh’s blessings to a great extent. Suppose, they enroll with Samashti Ganapathy homam services, they can use the date and time of homam for starting new ventures and thereby can make their new ventures successful without obstacles. As you know, Ganapathy is the Lord of success.


9. Those who are affected by Kethu Dasa should participate in such kinds of homam. Repeated homam for Ganapathy mitigates the negative influence of Kethu on a person as Ganapathy is the God who has a governing capacity over the influences of the planet Kethu.


Why Samashti Ganapathy homam is more effective than Ganapathy Pooja?


It is said that it is very easy to please Ganapathy. Even a bit of durva grass will do to satisfy him and win his favour. True, but when you conduct homam, the effect is more. Ganapathy is directly invoked throughAgni, offered neivedyam and is pleased to a great extent. In that case, whatever you request from him will be granted to the core. In Samashti Ganapathy homam yearly plans, you invoke God regularly every month and thus are able to attain his Grace to a large extent.


Being in the custody of Ganapathy through conducting homam periodically is the way to survive in Kali Yuga without sufferings and sorrows. Conduct Samashti Ganapathy homam so that you can minimize your expense and maximize the benefits.


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