Top 3 Scientific Reasons for Visiting Temples

Temples are our heritage and we visit them periodically to gain divine grace and clear our sins. There are some scientific reasons why we visit temples. Do you know what they are?


The following reasons explain the importance of visiting temple


1.  Positive vibrations in temples


The idol of the presiding deity is placed in the Moola sthaanam or garbagrham which is the centric place in the temple and in this centric place, there is always plenty of earth’s magnetic waves and positive energy.


 We leave the shoes and slippers outside the temple because the floor of the temple radiates positive energy which will be transmitted to us when we enter and walk on the temple floor on barefoot


When we do parikrama, that is pradakshina, we get that positive energy in Hindu temples which are radiant. That is why we should do parikrama at least for 8-9 times.


2.  Benefits of going to temple daily


Visiting temple activates our five senses.


 There is a science behind temple bells too.  When we hear the bell, it echoes at least for seven seconds in our ears and thus it activates the sense of hearing.


·When we close our eyes and open them to see the aarthi or camphor, our eyes come into contact with light in the dark background of garbagraham and thus our sense of sight is activated.


When we touch the camphor, feel its warmth and take it to eyes, our sense of touch is activated.


We smell flowers, incense, and camphor and thus our sense of smell is activated.


Normally abisheka thirtham is given in copper vessel and copper has the quality of purifying our dhoshas and it also activates our sense of taste.



3.  Science behind temple architecture


 Temples are built in places where earth’s magnetic and electric force is in abundance and flows in north and south directions and where there is a lot of positive energy.



So, visiting temples very often is a must, apart from doing pooja and homam at home.



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