The Story of Lord Ganesh and Kubera

Sankatahara Chathurthi for the month of Chithirai falls on May 14, 2017, Sunday.


We know that Krishna Paksha Chaturthi happens to be the day for the worship of the Primordial God Ganesh.


Read  How to Observe Sankatahara Chaturthi Vrata? to know Sankatahara Chaturthi fasting procedure.




What do you need to know about Sankatahara Chaturthi?


   Vinayak Purana narrates stories about Lord Vinayak. There are many Vinayak stories that have become famous. Let us read the story of lord Ganesha and Kubera, which is simple but profound in the moral it reveals.


Feast of Kubera


Story of Lord Ganesha and kubera


Kuber is the Lord of wealth and is always proud in heart about the accumulation of wealth he possesses. One day he offered a banquet to all the devas and gods. The divine couple Shiva and Parvathy with their little child Ganesh were present there.


Lord Ganesh started eating all the food items available there. His hunger knew no bounds and he was still hungry after eating all the food available. He started devouring the utensils and was keen on devouring Kuber also.


Kuber was afraid of Ganesh’s behaviour and sought refuge in Shiva. He prayed to Shiva to rescue him from the situation. Shiva took a handful of roasted cereal grains and offered them to Ganesh. After eating them, Ganesh calmed down and his hunger went off immediately.





Lord Krishna observed Sankatahara Chathurthi!


The moral of the story is that


Any simple food item that is offered with love will be accepted by God at once


Ganesh ate the food offered by His father with devotion. Even simple food (like roasted cereal grains), when taken with devotion to God, will satisfy all your needs.


A man should burn his ego and desire to reach out to God as symbolised by the roasted cereals.


So, all the divine stories are not just bedtime stories. They reveal morals that are food for thought and beacon light to spiritual enlightenment.


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