Sani Pradosham for Combating the Ills Caused by Saturn!

Sani Pradosham falls on August 19, 2017.


Pradosham Infographics


Pradosham that falls on Saturday is known as Sani Pradosham and it is found to be very curative for the ills caused by the planet Saturn in one’s life.


Why is Sani Pradosham specific?


Most of the human beings are affected by the planet Saturn one way or the other. It may be 7 1/2 period or natal positions or dasa buddhi effects-the fact remains that everybody comes under the sway of Saturn one time or the other.


Saturday is the day allotted for Saturn. So, Sani Pradosham falls on the day allotted for Saturn.


If one prays to Lord Shiva on Sani Pradosham, he gets rid of the ill effects caused by Sani Bhagavan and gets peace and prosperity in life.


Let us chant the slokas of Lord Shiva on Sani Pradosham, offer things for abhishekam and fast throughout the day to seek His grace and lessen the sorrows caused by Sani Bhagavan in our life.












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