Sani Pradosham

Sani Pradosham falls on August 5, 2017, Saturday.


What is Sani Pradosham?


Pradosham is the day of worship of Lord Shiva. When it falls on Saturday, it is called Shani Pradosham


Why is Sani Pradosham considered special?


Sani Pradosham is considered special since it helps one get rid of the negative effects caused by Saturn, who is one of the Navagrahas.


Many people suffer from the troubles caused by Saturn in their lives. It is because Lord Shani is the agent who teaches us the tough lessons in life as a result of our karma. Praying to Lord Shiva on Saturday, the day belonging to Lord Shani will remove all karmic ill effects in life. Observing Pradosham fasting on this day will surely benefit a person who suffers from the clutches of Lord Shani, especially those who are under Saturn’s influence for a period of seven and a half years (ஏழரைநாட்டு சனி).


Let us pray Lord Shiva on this Sani Pradosham and mitigate the problems caused by Lord Shani in our life.


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