Pradosha Vrata - Know Why We Celebrate It!

Upcoming Pradosha Date May 23, 2017, Tuesday.


Pradosham is an auspicious period as all the hosts of celestial beings and gods come down from the heavens and attend the worship in their subtle forms. Lord Shiva is known to be in the most ecstatic of moods.






सत्यं ब्रवीमि परलोकहितं ब्रवीमि सारम ब्रवीम्युपनिषद्ध दयं ब्रवीमि ।

संसारमुल्बणमसारमवाप्य जंतो: सारोयमीश्‍वरपदांबुरुहस्य सेवा ॥१


Sathyam braveemi, paraloka hitham braveemi, Saaram braveemi upanishadyadhyam braveemi,

Samsaramuthbanamasar vaapya jantho,  Saroyameeswarapadhamburuhasya seva


During the time of Pradosham, The Lord who holds the trident, makes Goddess Gowri, Who is the mother of all the three worlds, sit on a golden seat inlaid with precious gems, and prepares to dance himself, and all the devas sing his praise at this time.


Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of those who pray to Him during Pradosha Kala and awards them with mukthi.  People offer milk, curd, and honey for anointing Shiva during Pradosham and also offer flowers and garlands for decorating the Lord.





                                        All You want To know About Pradosham



Following are the things that are offered for anointing Lord Shiva and the devotees who offer these things benefit in the following way


 Milk -  long life 


Curd- Good Children


Ghee- Moksha


Panjamirtham- Wealth


Sugarcane juice - Health


Tender coconut- Enjoyment


Annam (cooked rice) - Majestic life


Sandanam- Goddess Lakshmi’s grace


Honey- Melodious voice


Rice powder frees one of debt


Sugar wipes out enmity


Lemon takes away fear of death


Devotees can offer anyone of these things as per their specific purpose ad seek the benedictions of Lord Shiva.


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