Mohini Ekadashi Offers Spiritual Supremacy!

Mohini Ekadashi 2017 date is MAY 6, Saturday. 


Mohini Ekadashi falls in the Shukla Paksha of Chithirai month (April-May).  Observing Mohini Ekadashi offers spiritual sublimity as it relieves one of his sins not only in this birth but in the previous births also. An observer of Mohini Ekadashi vrata is able to get rid of his sadness.


In Kurma Purana, there is a reference about Lord Krishna narrating the greatness of Mohini Ekadashi to Yudhistra.  Since Lord Vishnu took his Mohini form on the Ekadashi day, this Ekadashi has been named so.


Story of Mohini Ekadashi


Once Lord Rama asked Rishi Vasishta whether there was any way to drive away his sorrow. He was feeling the pang of separation from Sita. He also wanted to get rid of all his sins. Rishi Vasishta appreciated the question as the answer would be beneficial for the whole humanity.


The answer given by Vasishta was that one should observe Mohini Ekadashi that falls in the bright lunar period in the Vaisakha month. It relieves a person of all his grievances and miseries, illusions and sins and removes all obstacles on his path. Even if a person hears about this Ekadashi, he will get rid of his sins.


Vasishta narrated the following story about Mohini Ekadashi to Lord Rama indicating its significance.


On the banks of the river Sarasvati, there was a city called Badravati. It was ruled by Dyutiman. In the city, there was a merchant called Dhanapala who had five sons namely Sumana, Dyutiman, Medhavi, Sukriti and Dhrishthabuddhi. Dhanapala was a pious devotee of Vishnu and was very charitable working towards the welfare of people.


Of all his sons, Dhrishthabuddhi was a prodigal son. He indulged in all kinds of unethical activities. Irritated with his behaviour, Dhanapala sent him out of the home. He lost everything, became a thief and was whipped by the king’s men.


Getting sick with his behaviour, the king’s marshals banished him from the kingdom. He went to the forest to seek a living. There he hunted the animals for food and drank water available in rivers and ponds. By killing innocent animals for food, he accumulated more sin. Years rolled by.


One day he reached the ashram of Rishi Kaundinya and saw him coming after bathing in the river Ganges. A few drops of water were dripping from the rishi’s wet clothes and they fell on this man. The effect of this act was great since it miraculously changed the mind of the hunter and purified his soul.


Dhrishthabuddhi bowed before the Rishi and narrated his life incidents to him. He wanted to overcome his sins and asked the rishi to suggest a simple means for that. The Rishi advised him to observe Mohini Ekadashi to annul his sins. He did so, got relieved of his sins and rode on Garuda to the abode of Sri Hari.


Importance of Mohini Ekadashi


Mohini Ekadashi relieves a person of the illusory attachments to the materialistic world. It removes the sins of a person and is holier than taking ritualistic baths in the holy rivers. The merits obtained through a pilgrimage or holy bath or charity is not equivalent to 1/16 of the merit obtained through observing this Ekadashi fast. On hearing or reading the importance ofMohini Ekadashi, one gains the benefit of donating one thousand cows in charity.


Mohini Ekadashi Fast Rules


Mohini Ekadashi vrata follows the common Ekadashi vrata formalities. During the time of vrata, food should not be taken on bronze utensils and one should take bath in a river using a paste of Kush and til in the early morning. Visit 

How and Why to Observe Ekadashi?  to know more. 

Let us benefit from observing Mohini Ekadashi vrata and transcend this materialistic world to reach the sublime world of eternity.


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