Lord Muruga, the Deity with Significant Names!

Karthigai falls on May 25, 2017, Thursday


Karthigai is a day devoted to Lord Muruga. It is celebrated on the day when the Moon crosses the constellation of Karthigai star. We know it is a day dedicated to Lord Muruga.


There are many names for Lord Muruga like Karthikeya, Shanmugan, Swaminathan and Skandan. Let us see how Muruga got these names.




Muruga was reared by six Karthigai nymphs. Karthikeyan is named after these six Karthigai nymphs.




Murugan was born of the third eye of Lord Shiva and he was not a single babe but six at birth. Goddess Parvathi made him a single child with six faces. So, he got the name Shanmugan (Shan means six and mugam means faces).




Muruga wanted to know the meaning of the word ‘Om’ from Lord Brahma. The answer was not satisfactory and he wanted to know the meaning from Lord Shiva which was also not satisfactory for Muruga.


Muruga accepted to explain the meaning of ‘Om’ to Shiva but on one condition that he should be seated on a pedestal while explaining the meaning. He took the position of a guru advising sishya. On seeing her son taking the position of a guru, Parvathy was happy and called him Swaminathan. Her Nathan is Lord Shiva and Muruga became Swami (guru) to him.




Skanda mata is the name of Parvathi who is worshiped on one of the days during Navratri. Skanda comes from the name Skanda mata.


Let us worship Lord Muruga on Karthigai to seek his blessings and get relieved of the human bondage.


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