Lord Karthikeya-God of Versatile Qualities!

Shukla Paksha Sashti in the Aadi month falls on July 28, Friday 2017.


Sashti is a day specially dedicated to Lord Karthikeyan. Murugan as we lovingly call Skanda in the Tamil language is the God of war and a mighty warrior. He was awarded a spear (Vel) by his mother Parvathi when he headed the army of the Devas against the asura Surapadma and his brothers Tarakasuran and Singamugan.


Multifaceted attributes of Karthikeya


Karthikeya is the Lord of wisdom, compassion, and beauty. He is the embodiment of spiritual knowledge, courage and renders will power to his devotees for confronting the negative forces in life. He is the teacher of his own father Lord Shiva and is noted for his evergreen youthfulness.


As the God who fulfils all the wishes of His devotees, Lord Karthikeya is worshipped not only in India but also in other places like Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Carrying Kavadi, Paal Kudam (milk pot) and undertaking Pada Yatra (going to the temple on foot) are the ways people worship Lord Skanda.




Arupadai Veedu


There are six places where we have the most famous temples constructed for Lord Murugan. They are Pazhani, Thiruparamkunram, Tiruchendur, Swami Malai, Thiruthani and Pazhamudhircholai.




Skanda Sashti, Thai Pusam and Masi Magam are the festivals celebrated in the worship of Lord Murugan every year. Sashti thithi in every month is regarded very sacred for getting the blessings and grace of Karthikeya.


Observing Sashti Vrata brings forth innumerable benefits to devotees and enlightens their inner self.







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