Chandra Grahanam – Dos and Don’ts

 Chandra Grahanam falls on Monday, August 7, 2017 ( Aadi 22).


Since it falls on Monday, this year Chandra Grahanam is called as Choodamani Grahanam


Grahana time:


It starts at 10.51 pm and ends at 12.49 am.


Tharpana Time:


From 11. 50 pm to 12.45 am


Those who perform tharpanam should bathe before and after tharpanam.



Chandra Grahanam 2017



Nakshatras affected by Chandra Grahanam








Those who are born in these Nakshatras and those who are born on Monday need to do pariharam for this Grahanam.


They can offer dakshina to some brahmin with beetelnut and coconut and get rid of their Grahanam dosham.


ग्रहण पीडा परिहार श्लोक:

योसौ वज्रधरो देव: आदित्यानां प्रभुर्मत:।

सहस्रनयन: चन्द्र:  ग्रहपीडाम् व्यपोहतु।।


க்ரஹண பீடா பரிஹார ஸ்லோகம்

யோஸௌ வஜ்ரதரோ தேவ: ஆதித்யானாம் ப்ரபுர்மத: I

ஸஹஸ்ர நயனஸ்சந்த்ர:  க்ரஹபீடாம் வ்யபோஹது II


Dos and Don’ts to be observed for this Chandra Grahanam


Food to be taken at least a few hours before, actually not after 11.30 am.


Bath to be taken after the Grahanam ends and after taking a darshan of the Moon.


Eating, drinking and using needles are forbidden.


No divine worship to be undertaken at this time. No deepam to be lit during Grahanam time in the pooja room.


Those who perform tarpanam regularly will have to do it after 11.50 pm.


Pregnant women are advised to sit inside a closed room and not to come out from 7 pm to 3.30 am.


During the Grahana period, doing Japam, chanting of mantras, slokas are very auspicious.


Taking bathe in river, ocean during Chandra Grahanam is also considered as sacred



Since 7-8-2017 happens to be a day affected by Chandra Grahanam, the Aavani Avittam that is to be performed on this day is scheduled for 6-9-2017 as per the decision of the pandits and scholars.










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