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Observe Aja Ekadashi Vrata to Seek Prosperity in Life!

Aja Ekadashi falls on August 18, 2017, Friday in the Krishna Paksha of Aavani month (August-September). It is also called Ananda Ekadashi or Annada Ekadashi and is marked for the worship of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Aja Ekadashi vrata is considered to be very beneficial and it eradicates the sins of the devotees.


Legend behind Aja Ekadashi, 2017


Aja Ekadashi vrta katha as mentioned in Bhavishya Purana is related to the great king Harishchandra who was noted for his honesty and truthfulness. The king lost his kingdom, wife Chandramathi and son Lohitashva owing to the promise undertaken by him that he would not utter a lie at any circumstances in his life. His vow was tested by Maharishi Viswamithra and it ended in his losing kingdom, wife and son. He himself was working in the graveyard as an undertaker and was feeling very disheartened for the woes and miseries he had been suffering in his life.


That time, Gautama rishi came to him and came to know the reason for his sorrows. The rishi advised him to observe Aja Ekadashi and thus he would be rid of his present sad plight. Harishchandra obliged him and he observed Aja Ekadashi vrata which brought back his kingdom, wife and dead son to him.  Prising his steadfastness in sticking to his vow, Rishi Viswamitra gave back his kingdom and he got back his wife and dead son alive So powerful is the vrata of Aja Ekadashi.


How to observe Aja Ekadashi vrata?


Ekadashi fasting is the usual procedure as for any other Ekadashi.


In the house in the early morning, Pooja should be done for Lord Vishnu and His Consort Goddess Lakshmi.


We have to clean the place where pooja is to be conducted, rice to be filed on a limited space and kalasha to be kept on it.


The kalasha has to be covered with a red cloth and the idol of Vishnu is to be on it.


One can begin his fast and pray to God throughout the day and night to seek his blessings on this Ekadashi.


Aja Ekadashi importance


The devotees are relieved of their sins.


It is the gateway to moksha.


Since Goddess Lakshmi is also prayed on this day, life will be full of prosperity.


Even listening to the glory of Aja Ekadashi is equal to sacrificing a horse.


When Aja Ekadashi has brought the lost kingdom, wife and son to king Harishchandra, why not try Aja Ekadashi vrata and seek endless benefits from the divine Lord Vishnu?


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