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The double blessing you seek from Papankusa Ekadashi

Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in the Tamil month of Purattasi falls on October 1, 2017, Sunday. It is called Papankusa or Pasankusa Ekadashi and is noted very propitious for solving all the sins of a person even if he indulges in materialistic activities in this world.


Observing Pasankusa Ekadashi unfolds dual blessing to a devotee- ultimate liberation and satisfaction of material aspects when he lives on earth.


The merits of Pasankusa Ekadashi were described by Lord Krishna to Yudhishtira as mentioned in Brahma Vaivatra Purana. On this Ekadashi day, the devotees should worship Lord Padmanabha (பத்மநாப சுவாமி) who is seen in the posture of resting on Seshanaga.


Srimad Bhagavatam


Merits of observing Pasankusa Ekadashi (Significance)


·         The devotee who observes Pasankusa Ekadashi gets salvation and also gets his desires fulfilled in his life.


·         By chanting the names of Vishnu on this day, one gets the merit of visiting all holy places on earth.


·         By observing Papankusa Ekadashi vrat, one gets resolved of all his sinful acts and gets away from entering the hell.


·         Even sacrificing one thousand horses and doing one hundred Rajasuya sacrifices is not equal to one sixteenth of the merit obtained through observing this Ekadashi vrat.


·         This Ekadashi is very sacred as it is the favourite of Lord Padmanabha (Vishnu).


·         Pasankusa Ekadashi vrat helps a devotee relieve 10 generations from his mother’s side, father’s side, and wife’s side.


·         Observing this Ekadashi offers salvation, wealth, health, beautiful women, and food grains.


·         If the devotee observes Pasankusa Ekadashi either in his childhood, young age or old age, he gets rid of all the negative effects of his material existence and finally reaches the abode of Vishnu.


·         Offering umbrella, water, food grains, cow, land, sesame seeds, gold or shoes in charity on this day will keep one away from the hell, the world of Yamaraj.


Observing Pasankusa Ekadashi 2017 has the same rule as that of any other Ekadashi.


Let us observe Pasankusa Ekadashi and attain the feet of the Lord after fulfilling our wishes on earth.








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