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Anjaneya- the Most Ardent Devotee of Rama


The immortal Anjaneya is the ever-loving devotee of Lord Rama and is greatly acknowledged for his valour and magical powers. He is the one who flew over the sea, found Sita in Lanka and got her united with Rama. He is the Vanara deity, the powerful God who is worshipped as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.


Hanuman Jayanthi is the birthday of Hanuman which falls on his birth star, Moolam in the month of Margazhi in the Tamil calendar. This year, it falls on December 17.


Hanuman - The great warrior with unconquerable might


Hanuman is worshipped as the son of Vayu with the name Maruthi and has magical powers to expand and contract himself, rock mountains, wield rocks, fly overseas and dart with the speed of the wind. He is an immortal being with superpowers and is present even today in the place where Ramakatha is narrated.


Kesari Nandan-what does it mean?


Anjaneya is the child of Anjana and Kesari and was born with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Named after his mother and father, he has been called Anjaneya and Kesarinandhan.His father and mother brought him up with care and love and later Anjaneya became one of the most powerful warriors in the kingdom of Sugriva.


Hanuman’s role in releasing Sita -committed servant of Rama


It is only the succour, support and commitment of Hanuman which brought relief to Rama. Hanuman acted as the messenger between Rama and Sita and handed over the finger ring sent by Rama as a token of Rama’s love for Sita.  Fanning the sparks of fear in the heart of Ravana through destroying Lanka with the fire set on his tail, Anjaneya got back to Kishkintha to initiate the first step towards Ravana Vadham by Rama.


Anjaneya-an integral part of Ramayana


Anjaneya is present wherever Ramakatha is narrated and enjoys listening to Rama Katha wherever it is recited even today. Whenever we listen to or read Ramayana, our hearts jump with excitement on knowing the exciting feats conducted by Hanuman and the way he serves at the feet of Ram even today. Reading Sundara Kandam in Ramayana relieves one of the sufferings he/she undergoes in life. Sundara Kandam explains how Hanuman found Sita in Lanka.


There is an interesting incident that speaks about the extraordinary powers of Anjaneya. When Lakshmana became unconscious by the nagastram of Indrajith, it was only Anjaneya, who brought Sanjeev parvatham by flying over the sea and relieved Lakshmana of the crucial predicament. We have also heard stories like How Anjaneya captured the Sun in his mouth thinking that the Sun is a fruit and he was forced to bring the Sun out.


Celebrations of Hanuman Jayanthi


 Hanumath Jayanthi is the day which falls on the birth star(Moolam) of Hanuman, in the month of Margazhi in the Tamil calendar. It is the Margazhi Amavasya thithi in Tamil calendar. In North India, people celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi in the month of Chaitra on the Full Moon day.


The devotees throng temples from the morning and apply sindhur taken from the idol of Hanuman to their foreheads. As we all know, sindhur is the favourite of Hanuman and one can find the idol of the deity immersed in sindhur. It is because Hanuman immersed his body in sindhur to seek extended lifespan for Rama when he found Sita applying it to her forehead to gain longevity for Rama.


What does the Vanara avatar of Hanuman signify?


The mind is always compared to a monkey. Its acts are unpredictable. But our minds should be shaped and disciplined (like the soul of the vanara deity) to move in the path of bhakthi, devotion, and commitment to mukthi. This is what the avatar of Hanuman symbolically represents and by celebrating his Jayanthi, we should be able to carry this message to our inner selves and purify ourselves.


From the level of an animal, Hanuman has moved to a plane of thought and devotion which is par excellence, mighty and unparalleled. He has attained immortality for his bhakti and commitment to Rama.


Tulsidas describes the immortal fame and greatness of Hanuman in his Hanuman Chalisa. Read Tulsidas’ Hanuman Chalisa and gain the blessings of this mighty and dedicated devotee of Ram on Hanuman Jayanthi.


Ashatya sathaka swamin asathya thavakuim vada

Ramadhootha krupsasintho math karyam sathakap prabo






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